Our Story

The Saint Charles Retreat House was originally a farm house built in the 1940s. It
was purchased by the founders of the parish as a rectory (priest residence) and
church office. It was added onto in the 1950s when more priests were assigned
here and the staff expanded. The church office was relocated to a former
convent on the parish grounds in the 1980s. As the parish census diminished in
the 90s and new millennium it was left with one priest in the large rectory that
suffered from the wear and tear of years.

The building was renovated in 2016 by “parishioners without borders” from the
Kansas City southland in conjunction with members of Saint Charles. It was
opened as a retreat house in the summer of 2017 for people who seek a place to
rest, refresh the soul, and gain spiritual insight. Since the mascot of Saint Charles
Borromeo School (now Academy) is The Chargers and is depicted as a lightning
bolt, it made sense to offer these mini-retreats as a means for getting spiritually
re-charged. Some refer to them as a “one step” retreat—brief enough for
retreatants to take a step closer to the Lord, a step closer to understanding their
purpose, life’s meaning, the importance of earth’s short journey, and our
anticipated destination into heaven’s glory.

If you, as an individual, couple, small group, or family, would like to make a
one-step-mini-retreat, please complete and return the application form. We will
contact you to schedule a date and times to visit.